Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyday Moments

Ever feel overwhelmed with the task of raising your child spiritually? Does it have to be that complicated? When I was a child, I vividly remember times where my parents used everyday moments to show me Jesus.

At the age of 4, I stole quarters from my dad’s nightstand. He used that opportunity to share with me about Judas and how he betrayed Jesus because of his love for money. I learned how Jesus died on the cross for my sins and how much He loved me. That night, I invited Christ into my heart and it’s a night I’ll never forget.
Another time, my brother and I were goofing off. He pushed me and my face slammed into the pavement resulting in my teeth penetrating through my bottom lip. Blood gushed everywhere as my parents rushed me to the hospital. My dad and brother sat in the waiting room in agony as they listened to my screams as the doctors stitched my lip. My dad used that moment to share with my brother about the pain Jesus suffered on the cross for our sins.
The memories of my mother passing on her faith are less intentional. I recall her banging her head on the kitchen cabinet and saying, “Lord, these kids are driving me nuts. Please help me!”

A friend recently shared that he will use his failures to teach life lessons. At a store one day, he received terrible customer service and got angry at the salesperson. While steaming and sitting in the car, he told his kids that Jesus would not want him to treat people like that and we should always treat others in a way that we would want to be treated. He went back into the store and apologized to the salesperson. What a lesson!

There are many ways to pass on our faith to our kids. It doesn’t have to be just at bedtime or praying at dinner. There are hundreds of opportunities we have in our daily routine. How are you using everyday situations to share Christ with your kids? Let’s hear them!

~ Sharina


  1. I love to pray with my kids in every day moments. When something is lost, when my child isn't feeling well, when something wonderful has happened...whenever. I want my children to be confident that God cares about the concerns of our hearts and we can take every single one of them to Him in prayer - knowing that He listens, trusting Him to care for us.

    And I think they've probably seen me - like you saw your mom. Lord, help me love these kids! *with tears rolling down her cheeks*
    By His grace, we'll make it through this season!


  2. We were reading about Mary and how the angel visited her to tell her that she was having a son. Riley, our 4 year old said, "Mommy, how come I don't hear God's voice? I don't think he talks to me. Is he real?" She goes on to talking about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and how she knows those are pretend people but wants to know if God is real or just pretend. How would you handle this one with a 4 year old?