Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Meeting with The Physician - Part I

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

A few days ago I was meeting with our Physician.
The GREAT Physician, that is.
I was talking with Him about my children. My friend gave me a list of 31 Biblical virtues, and every day I talk with the Physician about one of those virtues as they relate to my kids. On this particular day, we were focusing on mercy.
As I do every day, I told the Physician how much I love my children and how great my desire is for them to grow up and become young doctors, walking in His footsteps. Then we started talking about this "mercy" issue.
See, my children are pretty good at being merciful to small animals, and cool bugs they find outside. They know when their friends are in need of kindness and they're able to be merciful toward them. And my kids sure have a handle on understanding when they, themselves, should be the recipients of someone's merciful ways.
But when it comes to showing mercy to one another? Oh, they are desperately lacking.
It is much more common for them to cut each other down and tear one another apart with unkind words. Words which show no signs of mercy. And it hurts my heart when I hear them say these things.
It really makes me sad, and as I talked with my Physician about the sadness in my heart, I nearly started crying. I told Him I know it is more than just the words coming out of their mouths which need to change. I understand it really is a heart issue, and I asked Him to change their hearts. I asked Him to give them new hearts which spring forth mercy and kind words, which build each other up.
At this point, the Physician was quiet and looked at me with gentle eyes. Though His look was full of love, it pierced right through my heart. And I got silent for a moment.
I just looked at Him.
And He kept staring at me with a shocking love, and a look which told me He could see right into my heart.
I asked Him, "Why are You looking at me like that? I'm here to talk with You about my children!"
But He simply kept looking at me.
So I stared back. And I couldn't get over the look of love in His eyes. He wasn't trying to be more stubborn than me. I knew He was trying to tell me something.
But He wasn't talking about my children, and that's what I didn't understand. He knew that's what I was there for. I had made an appointment to talk about my kids, and I fully intended to keep it.

In time, His love won me over and I began to hear what He was saying. And as soon as I heard Him, I knew He was right. The Physician told me that He will work in my children, but He has also given them me. And the Physician reminded me that I am to be a model of mercy to my children. He told me I was right - they need their hearts to be changed - but they also need a model of mercy to follow, and that is one of my primary roles as their mother.
"Oh, Yes! You are so right! You are! You are! I will be that model for them. Yes, I will!"
And I thought we were finished. I was ready to hug Him and be on my merciful way.

But then...

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the Meeting with The Physician!



  1. Excellent post! I've found that my kids often speak the way I do. So when they say a kind thing I say, my heart is happy. But when they say something cruel, something I recognize, it makes me sad because I know they got it from me.
    But they also pick up mean phrases from other kids, so it's definitely a challenge to show them a better way.

  2. Thanks, Jessica.
    My dad loves to tell the story of a time when Matthew was visiting my parents and had "ruined" his dinner...with Grandpa's help, I might add...and when my dad said, "Matthew, if you don't eat your dinner, you won't get any dessert."
    Matthew replied, "Well, I guess that's my problem."
    Dad thought that was so funny.
    I thought, Yeah. Matthew is just repeating what I tell him in the same scenario. *grin*

    They do copy us!


  3. This is a great story Karen! A cliffhanger!?? LOL!

    I love the way you talk with God and can *see* Him and the look on His face. I do the same thing. You are a beautiful lady and I'm so glad to know you.

  4. "...a heart issue" that is so true for all of us of all ages. Thanks for sharing your heart with us

  5. Yes, Edie, a cliffhanger - just for you! (That "keep it short" thing, you know!)
    I love that God is so intimate and reveals Himself to us as He knows is best. I'm so glad to know you, too!

    And Lisa, the heart IS an issue for all of us. You're right. I pray God will continue to be patient with me as He shapes my heart.