Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Basket with Meaning

I saw this idea and thought it was WONDERFUL! Instead of doing the Easter Bunny basket theme, try giving your children a meaningful Easter basket filled with reminders of the true meaning of Christ's ressurection. Include a card with a description of the meaning behind each item:

A Lamb: This represents the Lamb of God who came to take away our sin.

In a plastic egg: Jelly Beans that are the following colors:
  • black : Stands for the darkness of our lives before Jesus when we were still in sin

  • red: Stands for Jesus shed blood

  • white: Stands for our sins that are washed away

  • yellow: Stands for streets of gold in heaven

  • green: Stands for growing in Jesus
Bookmarks or story books that represent the story of Easter.
Rock candy to represent the stone that was rolled away.
Chocolate coins to remind us of the 30 pieces of silver.
An empty plastic egg with a marking pen write "He is Risen" on the outside. The egg is empty for the "Empty Tomb."

Children remember EVERYTHING and are sponges for knowledge. Use this as a time to teach them about Christ and all that He means to us!


1 comment:

  1. This is a really neat idea, Sharina.
    I never did "Easter baskets" with my kids when they were little, and we didn't teach them about the Easter Bunny. Sometimes I wondered if I was taking something away from them, if somehow they were missing out on a fun childhood expereince. But focusing on the REAL meaning of Easter seemed so much more important to me.
    With this idea - you can do BOTH! *grin*