Monday, March 15, 2010

Faith Like A Child

My husband and I joined the Parents Community at Trinity last Fall and learned about Leading a Child To Christ. Mark and I found that we often struggle with issues like "What age should we talk about salvation with our children?" or "When is the appropriate age for them to ask Jesus to be their Savior?" Here is a tidbit from the article they gave us.

You may wonder, "Can a young child understand the meaning of salvation?" Here is where we are mislead. We think that a child must "understand" rather than "believe" the message of salvation. Where does it say in the Bible that we must "UNDERSTAND" in order to be saved? It does say, however, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved." Salvation is God's gift to us. Have you ever noticed how quickly a child will accept a gift? He happily reaches out and accepts it, without wondering what he needs to do to earn it.

Children can be lead to Christ. God made the message simple so that even a child could hear and respond/believe. Take every opportunity to present this wonderful message to your children while their hearts are eagerly open!

There is no magical age that a child is old enough to accept Jesus as their Savior. Don't shove all the information that you can into the child, expecting them to "understand" everything before they can accept Jesus' gift to them. If they say they believe......that is enough! That is all Jesus expects and wants from believe and accept His gift of salvation!

What have your experineces been as you've talked with your children about faith in Jesus?

~ Betsy


  1. Hi Betsy,
    I remember as a young mom feeling just as you did. I didn't want to broach it too early and force a response, but I also very much wanted my children to know Jesus as soon as they could.
    Then I happened on a book by one of my favorite authors, Andrew Murray. He was a pastor in Africa in the 1800's. His book is entitled How to Bring your Children to Christ.
    It really helped to take the pressure off me and enable me to give my child and his/her salvation to God. I could trust Him as I prayed for my children's salvation. I could trust Him to move in them as I taught them along the way about Him.
    And it just so happened not too long after this realization, my oldest child came to know Him!
    In all 3 of my children, as well as others, I have noticed that when they are around 4-6 years old they are so open to spiritual things. They are questioning and thinking about things (doctrinal things!), that are amazing for such a young age.
    I praise God that He loves my children even more than I do and greatly desires to spend eternity with them. Jenni Swink

  2. Thank you for this sweet reminder. I sometime wonder if I try too hard, push too much trying to get my little one to "understand."

    "Did I not tell you if you believed you would see the glory of God" John 11:40

  3. Thank you for your thoughts, Jenni! That book sounds like a great one. I'll have to check it out! It's such a tough issue to deal with as parents sometimes.....we just want what is best for our children. :) God knows the exact month, day and hour and that our children choose Him. It's actually a load off to know that we don't have to "push" or do anything to "make" our children except Jesus as their Savior. We just need to pray for them and their salvation and let the Holy Spirit take over. What an awesome thought....... :D