Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's Pray

I recently received the book God is No Stranger. It is a book of prayers and has touched my heart. "These prayers of Haitian Christians converted from Voodooism reflect the paradoxically childlike yet deep faith of a mountain people who have come to know God as a Friend acquainted with their culture and daily lives." (from the book's back cover)

This prayer particularly gets me today:
The people on the coast are beginning to drink sea water.
We here in the mountains don't even have sea water to drink.
Dear Lord send the rain.
Our Father knows exactly what our brothers and sisters in Haiti need today. Will you join me in praying for them?

Father in heaven, You see what has happened in Haiti. You know the needs of each individual. Needs for food and water, for shelter and rescue. Needs for comfort, and assurance that You are still faithful. You see each person who is hurting and scared, and You hear their cries for help.
And You are able to meet them, to provide for each need, and to show Yourself powerful.
We praise You, God, because that earthquake did not knock You off Your throne, and the after affects are not too much for You to handle.
Today we are asking You to bring peace and hope where there is still chaos and fear. Please empower the men and women who are working for relief. Make them Your hands and feet. And please, LORD, continue to grow the faith of these brothers and sisters, even in the midst of the devastation.
Yes, LORD, glorify Yourself through this circumstance.
We're asking it in Jesus' Name.
Amen and amen!



  1. Karen,

    Thanks for your post. It gives us an important reminder of who God is and an opportunity to better understand and empathize with Haitians by reading the prayers of Haitian Christians.

    These concerns are especially meaningful to me because five of my nieces and nephews were adopted from Haitian orphanages. The four year-old twins arrived in Florida last week, on a plane carrying orphans who had been granted humanitarian visas. The twins had been sleeping in tents on the street following the destruction of their orphanage in the earthquake. And, yes, there was a shortage of water on those streets.

    "God Is No Stranger" is a book I'll be sharing with my family. Thanks for letting us know about this title and for your reflections.

  2. Thank you, Marilyn. You know, my daughter has been asking us about adopting an orphan from Haiti. I'm listening, LORD!
    I would love to hear about your neices and nephews sometime.