Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not Your Average Trip to Target

My family and I were getting ready for a mission trip to Jamaica, and had to go to the store to purchase several things. We stuck together in the beginning - filling the cart from the list we were given. Toothpaste, baby powder, sun block, goldfish, etc. The list went on and on. Slowly, however, the older kids and my husband drifted off to other areas of the store until it was just me and my youngest son, Luke.
Luke had already estimated in his little mind how much money we had to spend for the mission trip. He was excited to find just the right items for the family we will be staying with at Whitehouse, Jamaica, but was aware there was a cost.
As we started unloading our overflowing shopping cart onto the conveyor belt, I told the cashier about our trip. It didn’t take long for the total to be revealed—almost $100 over the amount we had set aside for shopping. Granted, we had purchased a few items for our family's personal use but it was still more than we had expected—or at least more than Luke had calculated.
Without a blink, Luke reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and gave me a $20 bill. For some reason, it didn’t register with me what was going on. But the cashier understood, and she began to tear up. All of a sudden I saw Luke's eyes and they were full of tears. Something (better yet Someone) had moved him to empty the last of his money to pay for the purchase.
Now tears streamed down my face, too.
Part of me wanted to give Luke back his money, and tell him it was the thought that counted. But a still voice prompted me, Let him give it; the way of the cross always COSTS.
Oh, to see his heart revealed in such a beautiful manner. I saw Jesus in those precious eyes. And so did the woman at the register.
We walked out to the car, bags in hand and hearts overflowing.

Have you ever seen the heart of your child revealed? What happened?



  1. I love it when you get a window into the heart of your child. God is so good!! Doesn't it make up for all those "tough" days?? Can't wait til our kids are old enough to go on mission trips. Thanks for sharing your life.

  2. Way to go Luke! Way to go mom and dad!
    It is awesome to see you bearing good fruit in your child.

    Just this week my daughter cut her finger. For an hour she whined and moped about how bad it hurt. Then SHE decided to pray about it. She came running to me, jumping up and down with excitement. "Mom, I prayed that God would help my finger and you know what? He did! He answered my prayer! It doesn't hurt anymore!"

    I love serving a God who hears our prayers.