Friday, February 19, 2010

Serving Together: FUN Ideas

Use one or more of these family activities to help your children learn more about what it means to be a servant.

I Spy: Take the family to a sit-down restaurant. Tell the children they are spies who must identify the best servant. Help them notice the waiter/waitress by asking them to point out clues that suggest a servant’s attitude, spirit and work. (i.e. Listening well, taking care of the needs of others, etc.)

Frozen Arms: Tell the children that you magically froze their arms so they are not allowed to bend elbows or wrists. Place candy or cookies in the middle of the table and tell them they can each eat one. Without bending their arms, however, it will be impossible to serve themselves – so they must figure out how to serve one another to get the good stuff! When done, explain that we are called to serve those unable to serve themselves – but the real blessing comes back to us.

Read Together: Read and discuss the following Scriptures.
_ Mark 10:43-45 (Jesus described servants as “great.”)
_ Philippians 2:5-7 (Jesus modeled humility & service.)
_ James 1:27 (Christians are to care for the needy.)

Team up with us as we deliver food to 3,000 Lansing families in need on Sunday, February 21st. For details, click here!


  1. My family was so blessed by participating in the Food Drop this weekend. For us, the experience was an incredible illustration of Acts 20: 35’s “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

    The afternoon began with my kids expressing a bit of frustration . . . I’m bored . . . how much longer do we have to wait . . . when will we deliver the food . . . why can’t we take the bus back to the parking lot.

    It was incredible to see the transformation that took place as they met the families receiving the food packs. They met kids just like them, people who were so physically weak that they struggled to hold the box, and elderly people who just couldn’t stretch their Social Security payments any further.

    Thanks to everybody who worked so hard to make this event happen!

  2. I will be using the Frozen Arms game.

    The kids and I served this weekend in the Food Drop and we too were blessed to reach out to our community. This is a tradition we will come back for year after year. Thankfully we are able to serve year round in our communities.

  3. Marilyn, it was so neat to "bump" into you in the bathroom at the Food Drop!! Your daughter is a sweetheart. Our kids were fidgety. We had lollipops and snacks to keep them occupied during the rally and they learned a wonderful lesson about helping others in need. It was really special to hear our 5 year old pray for those without food and it melted my heart. So glad we were able to be a part of this!