Friday, January 15, 2010

It's COOOOLD outside!

People often ask me, "Why in the world did you move from Maui to Michigan?"
Honestly, during January and February I begin to question this myself. But there are a few places in town that we enjoy during the cold winter months:

Jumpin Jax: Jumpin' Jax is a 10,000 square foot facility with 7 big inflatables, and a NEW JUST for toddlers area, for your child's enjoyment. There are obstacle courses and slides, fun for all ages and parents are welcome to bounce too. Our kids bounced for 4+ hours and took great naps!!

Red Cedar Gymnastics: There's an open gym time for kids to play on the trampolines, bars, beams, rings, bouncy floor, etc. It's a great alternative to signing up for weekly classes and the kids love the treat!
Edru Skate: Enjoyment for the whole family, skating lessons, laser tag, special parties and much more. They have a special skate time for toddlers where you can bring your own push toys. Skate rentals available.
FunTyme Adventure Park: We love the mini-lane bowling, arcade games and indoor golf dome. Free parking and food on site. Phone for hours of operation, varies by season. There's one on Jolly Rd West of Okemos Rd and another in Mason.
Time together as a family is a wonderful thing!
What are your favorite places to go???



  1. Ahhh. This looks so fun!
    Sharina, will you be my mom??? *grin*


  2. Impression 5 us always a hit with our family. Have kids under the age of 5? You will LOVE the First Impressions room.

    Fenner Nature Center is open Tuesday through Saturday.

    Potter Park Zoo is free during the winter months.

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about Impression 5!! We'll try it. We did Jumpin Jax last week and it was PACKED!! So many kids running around but still a blast!