Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time with God

Marvin Williams is our new Senior Teaching Pastor at Trinity and through the course of interviews, someone asked Marvin to talk about his personal relationship with Christ. He shared about his times studying the Bible, journaling and prayer, which were all things I expected to hear. And I am glad he is investing that time with the LORD.

But then Marvin said something I hadn't anticipated hearing.

He said that most recently, he has found community with Christ through his relationship with those in his family.

When he loves and serves his wife, he senses God's presence.

When he plays basketball with his boys, or stops to have a coke with his daughter, he finds community with Christ.

Time with God is a part of his everyday life. It isn't just the time he spends alone in the scriptures.

I find this concept so freeing and encouraging as a parent. To be sure, I enjoy my time alone with the Lord. But I have found a new sense of God's presence with me as I live out my roles as wife and mother.

*To know that I can experience God and have community with Christ while I am doing the "duties" of a wife and mother - even the boring, mundane things like folding laundry and cleaning up spills.

*To know that HE is with me in every single moment.

Ahhh! This delights my heart!

Thank You, Lord, for using Marvin to open my eyes so that I may recognize Your presence more and more.


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  1. How wonderful that we can have community with Christ in the midst of everything we do.