Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Raising Great Kids

Were you at the Christmas Eve service at Trinity last month?

Remember hearing Kirk Cousins speak about his faith?

Wasn't that an inspiring moment as a parent???

I remember sitting in the balcony listening to Kirk, and praying that my boys will grow up to be fine, godly young men like him.
Yes, I was picturing in my mind - my two boys as well-spoken, faith-filled young men. Ahhhh. *peaceful sigh*

Then we went home.
I don't remember what happened, but something set one of my son's off and it was not pleasant. He was yelling and arguing and being disrespectful. And that image I'd had in my mind an hour before? It was long gone.
Then suddenly I wondered, When Kirk was a pre-teen, did he ever have moments like this one? Is there still hope for my son?

So, do you know what I did?

I emailed Don Cousins and I asked him. And I asked him what he thought the most important thing was that he did as a parent, raising Kirk.

Don's reply?

Yes. Kirk had moments, too. All kids do, he assured me. (Thanks, Don!) He said it was the grace of God working in Kirk that made him the young man he is today.
Don also pointed me to a sermon he gave at Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Holland about parenting. It is filled with principles he believes are crucial to us as parents, from Deuteronomy 6.
Click here to listen. You'll be glad you did!


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  1. Isn't grace a wonderful thing? It's inspiring to see students following hard after God and influencing those around them!