Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Give It

You never really understand how much you need your vacuum until it breaks—especially if you have a dog and three kids.
When our vacuum broke down for the second time in three months, we decided to purchase a new one. While the old one sat in the garage—waiting to be set out with the trash - I began to wonder, what if the old vacuum could be repaired? That would mean we could have two vacuums which would be great in case one broke again. So I took it to the repair shop and, sure enough, for a small fee this vacuum could be repaired.
A couple weeks went by and I kind of forgot about the vacuum. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Finally I went in and picked it up. As I was putting it in the trunk, I sensed God saying, “Who needs this vacuum?”
Of course my answer was, “I do!” I proceeded to explain to God all the reasons a second vacuum would be helpful in our home. Yet, I sensed Him asking once again, “Who needs this vacuum?”
A name came to my mind.
I wish I could tell you that immediately after the name popped into my mind, I proceeded to drive it right over to that individual’s home. But I didn't. I drove around with that vacuum in the back of my car for days. I knew who I was to give it to, I just didn’t want to part with my second vacuum.
The next week, a Bible verse came to my mind “if a man has two vacuums and sees someone who has none, you are to give the vacuum to them.” (my very loose paraphrase) I called and asked if this family needed it (they said yes) and proceeded to drive it right over to their home.

I am beginning to understand that God wants to provide for others and He wants to use us to do it. We need to unclasp our fist, ask with whom we can share, listen for His prompting, and JUST GIVE IT.

Have you ever sensed God prompting you to give something away? What happened?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Wendy.
    My family has been blessed to be on both the receiving and giving ends of this move of God about which you wrote.
    There is a family at Trinity who regularly gives us clothes which their boys have out-grown. And it's like Christmas when they do that. My boys gather around with excitement to see what new clothes they have to wear!
    And there is another family that has girls, who happily receive my daughter's hand-me-downs. It works beautifully.
    I think you're right. God wants to provide for us, and He uses us in the process for one another.