Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Have a GPS?

Once, when my husband and I were vacationing in Southern Florida, we decided we would drive the coastline south to Fort Lauderdale. We wanted to visit our friends who were staying there, as they sought treatment for their handicapped son. While I was hoping for an enjoyable, scenic drive, we ended up encountering four or five DETOURS.
All I wanted was the beauty and peace of the ocean and what did I get but the inconvenience of detours. A trip that should have taken an hour was turning into double the time. I tried calling our friends to tell them we were on our way down, but no one picked up. I had no idea how we were going to find them!
Just as we entered the city limits of Fort Lauderdale, the overwhelming urge to use the restroom overtook me.
So we stopped.
And before we got started again, we tried calling our friends. Still no answer.
BUT, as we turned back onto the main road, we could not believe our eyes. Our friends were pushing a wheelchair with their handicapped child across the street - right in front of us!
What were the chances???
We were in awe. And our friends were sure surprised! We had a great afternoon with them. It was truly God –ordained.

It wasn’t until the ride back to our hotel that I sensed God speaking a very simple yet profound message to my heart. I had mapped out my trip and was so disappointed when the detours interrupted my scenic plans .Yet because of those detours and inconveniences we arrived at the perfect moment to meet our friends.
This was a picture of my spiritual journey as well. Oh, how grateful and humbled I was to understand that God’s routing and timing of my life is precise and so well orchestrated. At that moment, I was overwhelmed by how TRUSTWORTHY my God is and how He truly does work all things together for my good.
All I could do was give praise and thanks for the amazing GPS (God Positioning System) that had led us on our journey.

How have you seen His GPS at work in your life?


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  1. Wendy, that is an incredible story!
    How cool that God led you directly to your friends, and showed you His goodness and faithfulness in the process. He uses everything, doesn't He? Even detours and bathroom breaks!
    Now, if I could just sense His GPS directions for how to manage a certain pre-teen whom I dearly love, but who is proving to be very difficult. *sigh*