Friday, April 16, 2010

Minute To Win It Fun

I don't know about you but if you haven't seen the show chances are you have seen the commercials. Balancing, bouncing, bobbling and more all in the name of a challenge and if you are on the show a chance to win $1, 000,000.

While having a family dinner at my mother-in-laws recently we decided to give some of the challenges a try and what happened next was an afternoon of laughter, pure delight and FUN!

Here are some of the challenges that we tried:

This Blows
Line up 15 plastic cups in a row and using the air from a balloon blow all of them off the table or, in our case, past a line in under 60 seconds.

The Nutstacker
Using a chopstick or skewer stack lugnuts one on top of each other 10 high.
We varied the challenge making it whoever got the most in a minute as none of us were able to successfully get 10 in under a minute. :)

Movin' On Up
In this one you take a stack of cups, marking one. The challenge is to try to get through the entire stack in under a minute, by repeatedly removing the top cup and placing it on the bottom.

Wheel of A Deal
20 cards face down, 5 stands...T-minus 60. Sort the cards before the time runs out.

When we played we were playing with three generations ages 3-60 and every one had a blast. No one won a million dollars but we were all winners. I can here the tales being told 20 perhaps even 50 years from now, "Remember the time..."
To create your own family memories and for an afternoon or evening of laughter and fun, check out the website for even more crazy challenges!

Let me know how it goes!


Note- Be sure to click on the links above each description for more details on how each game is played.


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but your post was the first I'd heard of Minute To Win It! What fun! Thanks for sharing these games. We'll be trying them out real soon.

    Please, please keep the Family Fun posts coming! (Still grateful for that earlier Olympics post, too!)

  2. Ah, thank you, Marilyn! I had never heard of Minute To Win It, either. So glad to know I'm not alone. *grin*

    And thank you, Sarah! These challenges sound like a ton of fun. I think we'll be giving them a try.