Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Families Need Nutrition

Families have many needs today! We live in a fast-paced society and that often carries over into our family life as well. One of the requirements of my Family Life Education program at Spring Arbor University is to design a program that will target one need that families face. While there were many directions I could have taken with this project, I felt strongly that many families are lacking in a crucial area – nutrition. America as a whole has higher levels of obesity and in fact as many as 1 out of 3 children are now overweight or obese.
God made the earth to produce the nutrients to sustain our earthly bodies. But throughout the ages, we have made food easier to fix and seemingly tastier to accompany our busy lives. In the hectic schedule of everyday life it is difficult to refrain from fast food and prepackaged meals at times, but we as a society are paying the price. With the rise in obesity also comes an increase in diabetes, heart disease, and various other diseases and behavioral issues. Even “healthier” choices presented to us at restaurants and supermarkets are often two times the portion we are supposed to consume, and are full of sodium and fat.

If I have you discouraged or upset (sorry!), don’t be! There are ways to change the direction we have been going. It will take time, energy, and even sacrifices. But as you look at your children and want only the best for them, wouldn’t that also include the best foods that will sustain their bodies in the years to come? We need to understand what healthy nutrition is and what it isn’t. Don’t just rely on what you have heard or what the media says is good for you. There are many good books, websites, and resources available that provide education on nutrition. Even your Christian bookstore carries a sizeable number of books on health as God designed.

If you are asking how you even begin to make healthy changes without dinner time becoming a war zone, stay tuned. Because on Friday I will have some ideas for how you can start increasing the amount of vegetables your children are eating…without them even knowing! To good health!

~ Nicole Hamlin, Family Life Ministries Intern

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