Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Needs Instructions???

Just recently we purchased a couple pieces of furniture from Ikea--I was so excited. I was not excited, however, when I saw the size of the boxes and the realization hit me—assembly was required.

I know enough to know that the first thing you do when you open the boxes is find the instruction manual as fast as possible. It is only then that you can truly evaluate what you have gotten yourself into. I had gotten myself into a BIG project.

I began scanning the 16 steps and proceeded to charge ahead. Before long, I figured out that the first three steps were done incorrectly and I had to take the bed completely apart. It was going to be a long afternoon.

Deep breath.

I began again -- this time being incredibly careful -- but once again, I went too fast and overlooked another key step. Undo the work again.

Confession: I dislike having to follow instructions.

BUT instructions are important.

I have tried to assemble my life without looking closely at THE instruction book. I found the verses in the Bible I liked and skimmed over those that I did not like, or didn’t understand. I often just watched others' lives - especially those that were similar to me - and followed their lead. Eventually, though, my life would have to be disassembled so that it could be reassembled properly.

And at that point, I really wanted to look again at the instruction book. Boy, did I study it closely so as not to make the same mistake again. When I looked carefully, I started to notice foundational instructions that I had missed such as: Trusting God is a must. A life of forgiveness and love are critical if you a follower of Christ. God has a purpose for my life -- it is not my life anymore to do as I please.

Those are just a few of the key instructions I had chosen to overlook. Thank God that He loves me enough to break down my construction and rebuild me.

Have you ever gone through re-construction?


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  1. "Thank God that He loves me enough to break down my construction and rebuild me."
    Amen to that, Wendy!
    I am a work in progress. No doubt about that. Every day, I just want to look more like Jesus. And less like me!