Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cupcakes & Fire Engines

In our last Parent's Community class, nearly 50 Trinity families joined together to live out "SERVING like CHRIST" (Philippians 2). Both parents and children decorated and delivered treats to our local firefighters who risk their lives to keep us safe. We hit 11 fire stations in the Greater Lansing area and had a BLAST!! It was so cool to see families interacting together and reaching beyond themselves.

Riley, our 4 year old, meticulously iced and decorated her cupcakes with 5 m&m’s. When she heard that she could eat one, her eyes got BIG and she proceeded to load it with so many m&m’s that you couldn't find one bit of the frosting! I couldn't stop laughing!

Our family went to the Marshall Street fire station. We were given a HUGE welcome…kids hopped on the trucks, toured the facility, ate popcorn, sat around with the firemen.
This was a wonderful experience. Our children learned the joy of serving others! God truly does work through M&Ms, cupcakes and little hands! Check out our Parents Community...we meet from 6:30-8pm at Trinity on Wednesday nights through November 4th. We'd love to see you.


  1. Our family hada blast as well!
    After visiting two stations we talked about how each station responded. While we went there to serve them, expecting nothing in return, bothstations ended up serving us. The first gave us a tour, while the second gave us coloring books. We talked about how it was in their hearts to serve and put others first.

    All week my daughter would start doing something and say, "Put others first." Then allow someone else to have the bigger piece or go before her. Awesome!

  2. This looks like it really was a great event!

    And Momteacherfriend - how cool is that? Your daughter putting others first. Awesome, indeed.
    We're working on the "Each of you should look not only to your own interestes, but also to the interests of others" idea around here. Hope it's as successful as experience!