Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Give Up!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

I've got great kids. I love them so much!

I know the same is true of you. I know because I've had some of your children in my Sunday school class. I've experienced their charming personalities and I've seen your tender love for them when you drop them off for, and pick them up from class.

Indeed, we have great kids.

But sometimes I feel weary in parenting. Sometimes I get tired of hearing my children complain. Sometimes I wonder if any of the spiritual training I'm trying to give them is making a difference. Sometimes I feel like a failure, and I want to quit.

Do you know what I mean?

However, the Word of God tells me not to give up. It promises me that one day my efforts will produce a harvest.

If only I don't give up.

So, although sometimes I find myself feeling weary, I will not give up. In spite of their tendency to eat with their fingers, I will keep reminding my children to use their forks. Though my children fight, I will continue to pray that God will place in their hearts a desire to live at peace with one another. While it may seem to be inconsequential, I will persist in hanging Bible verses on the bathroom mirrors because I know the kids read them. And even though I am not perfect, I will keep asking God to reflect His love through me to my children.

Because I know my God is faithful. I know He is the One who will ultimately raise these kids. I know I can trust Him. And I know He will produce a harvest, if only I don't give up.

Will you join me in NOT giving up?

~ Karen


  1. Oh yes, I'll join you!!! I just hope someday that I'll see a fruitful harvest and not a lot of passed-down weeds. Heh.

  2. Jessica, God promises - we'll see the harvest!
    And we'll have to trust Him to help us do some good weeding. *grin*

  3. What area of the children's ministry do you volunteer in?? It's neat to see that you're also helping to shepherd the other kids in church....along with your 3 at home. Great example!

  4. Sharina, I teach the 2nd and 3rd grade girls at the 9:15 service. And I love those girls!

  5. Okay, I won't give up, but can I throw a temper-tantrum alongside my kids when they do?



  6. Oh, Larie, now that would be an interesting experiment!
    Wonder if they would stop their fit and stare at you.
    Wonder if they would think you look ridiculous throwing your tantrum.
    Wonder if they would realize they look just as silly...
    Let me know how it goes. *grin*