Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall, Faith, & Fun

I used to love paint by number pictures. My type A, non-creative brain could easily create a masterpiece! The earth is alive with color right now, as if the hand of God was lavishly painting each tree and every leaf with rich and vibrant tones! Have you looked around lately? Have you paused from the hectic rhythm of life to marvel in the beauty that is exclusive only to autumn? My breath has been taken away many times over the past couple of weeks as I have tried to soak in what seems to be so fleeting. What have you done with your family to take advantage of the season?

We took my 16 month old niece to a beautiful park last weekend. After taking a bunch of pictures I was struck by one in particular. Raegan was standing in the middle of a pile of leaves with a look of pure wonder on her little face.

Don’t miss the little things…take time to enjoy, marvel, and wonder in the simple things around you. Recapture the beauty our Creator has surrounded us with by seeing it through the eyes of your children.

Take a trip to a park or even in your own backyard. Make leaf piles or build leaf houses with your kids! Afterwards, have them collect a few leaves and use them to make leaf-print placemats. You can find the directions right here!

As you are making the placemats with your children, remind them that just like these placemats will represent their place at your family table, Jesus also has a special place for them at His table in heaven.

- Nicole Hamlin, Family Ministry Intern


  1. Those placemats are cute! I'm thinking that would be a fun thing to pull out in 20 years and play the old "remember when" game. (Of course, you'd want to pull them out every year, but you know what I mean. *grin*)
    My son and I walk to school together and have been enjoying the colorful leaves, too. They're are beautiful.

  2. You brought back so many memories for me of leaf placemats... My youngest child is in 8th grade and we haven't done leaf placemats in a long time. Why not?? Why can't I go ahead and do one?? I loved doing it then. Who knows maybe my 8th grader and senior will enjoy it too! The fall colors are awe inspiring this year!