Monday, October 19, 2009

Time Better Spent

I've always spent time on the computer. Sometimes, in the evening, surfing aimlessly. You know...checking in on the celebrity scene ( a little time salivating over new shoe arrivals ( in on my teams (espn, checking the weather back home so i could feel sorry for myself about how cold it is here ( Sorry, I'm a southerner having a tad bit of difficulty (understatement) adjusting to the cold.

HOWEVER, something then happened. I stumbled across Beth Moore's blog last Christmas. And, honestly, i can't remember what happened after that. In what order. How it began to snowball. But, today, i have a handful of blogs I love visiting.

Blogs that feed my faith while often making me laugh and sometimes cry: Lysa Terkeurst, It's Almost Naptime, Jordan Jones, Surviving Motherhood.

Blogs that are creative, inspiring, just plain fun to look at Fabulous K, Simply Seleta.

Blogs that get me in the mood for a little home decorating A Soft Place to Land and the Nesting Place.

Let me give you just a taste of what I'm talking about. Promise me, if you don't read anything else today you'll read this.

See what I mean?

Today I don't know the latest celebrity going into rehab. I couldn't tell ya what Nine West's new fall line looks like. And, I don't know today's temperature back home. (Of course, I still check in on my beloved Spartans.) NOW my time on the computer is better spent because of many gifted folks, sharing a little of themselves -- their faith, their creativity, their talent.

As we begin sharing on our new Faith, Family and Fun blog, we encourage you to visit often. It is our hope to come along beside you - in your faith walk and the faith walk of your family. Let's do this together - let's share our faith, our creativity and our talents!

This blog was created to provide a special (and fun) opportunity to build a new found sense of community, with an increased level of connection. Trinity families - and all those who visit this site - who may not have connected before can connect now! A great way to do this to share your comments. By commenting on our various posts, you share your insights and maybe even your struggles. We want to hear from you! To learn how to post a comment, please simply click on the word "Questions" found above.

~Leigh Ann


  1. Leigh Ann, I have read that post from Missy before, and absolutley LOVE it.
    Indeed, we are their Bible study. And I am so excited about the community we can build here at FF&F - encouraging one another in the Bible study prep!

  2. What a wonderful resource!! I am so excited to check all these blogs-excepts Karens, she is already one of my favorites- and get to know some women whose heart is for the Lord!!

    Many blessings-

  3. I'm always on the move and busy but am I doing the right things? Things that matter? Sometimes I need to slow down enough to re-assess my movement, my time spent, etc. This is a great reminder! Thanks for sharing!